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     Doudgy (Dew the Artist) Charmant, is a DC/Maryland native with Haitian roots. Dew has been attracted to the arts since early childhood  Ever since his first painting at the young age of 15 he has not dropped his brush . Dew is also an educator who teaches the youth and adults through his artwork. Using his work as a fuel to inspiration his surroundings, Dew gives a voice to those who are ignored and enlighten others . His works bring awareness to internal conflicts that often go unnoticed, such as; depression, self-hate, self-enslavement, & the results of heartbreak.

   In a world where women and people of color are consistently misrepresented, he finds himself using colors, astral elements, and unique concepts to accurately portray their plight. Dew’s mediums consist of acrylic paint, Prismacolor markers, Copic markers, and ink. Through these mediums and a canvas, he reveals the different natures within the human persona, the power they hold within and the different types of shackles that enslave them.


   Dew’s creations have been featured in the following galleries:   (Any awards?)

-KEnsington Labor day Show

“Art impact International gallery”

“Voice of America”

”Bethesda Gallery”

“Alexandria gallery”


Dew does not focus his attention only on the adult population, however, through his illustrations in the children’s book “Skunk, 3 warriors, Divine flower ” he demonstrates the ability to captivate the youth. Each illustration has the purpose of bringing to light social issues that will encourage his young audience to develop cultural and social awareness. Dews gift of art (or Dews artwork) allows him to express otherwise difficult and hard to understand topics in a way that can be felt by viewers helping with the comprehension of frustrating concepts.


     An attractive trait of Dew's style of art is his choice of colors. His colors are bold and enchant the eyes of the viewer. The colors have a purpose with each color accentuating different aspects of the message that Dew is trying to convey. His colorful splashes of paint bring a visual appeal very rarely seen in other works of art. Dews captivating pieces inspire others to pick up the paintbrush themselves.


    Dew's career in the arts has a set trajectory to the stars. His masterpieces are being displayed in stores, malls, elementary schools and in several barber shops. He is currently in charge of a project with NCCF Idea to paint a mural to galvanize children and others to be creative. He is also a member of the Montgomery art association. Even with his busy schedule Dew volunteers and works as an art teacher giving him the privilege of teaching teen and pre-teens how to express their personalities through art.


     Energy, patience, and humility these are but a few parts of the recipe to a successful artist. It comes with no surprise that Dew has the recipe and is cooking up a delicious stew of wonder. So, don’t wait and don’t hesitate for the next filling meal coming from “D3W’SWORLD”





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"without struggle there is no progress"

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